School Yearbooks


You deserve a fabulous school yearbook!

Of course you do! We know your school yearbook is both record and celebration of an action-packed year. In your school yearbook are packed the memories of all those hours of dedicated work, study and training… all the achievements and the life-changing experiences. 

A powerful way to create beautiful yearbooks

Supreme Printing Yearbook provides an online software powered by Pixami to design and print professional quality yearbooks. 

1- Easy

Unleash your power, design better.

Start your page with beautiful layouts, design, edit and customise your content on the best yearbook builder ever, 

Use the drag and drop editor to create stunning pages, no design skills required. Thousands of layouts, fonts and elements available for free.   Enhance your photos with amazing filters, choose your fonts and colours, and play with thousands of free graphic elements.  

Think of a theme for your yearbook, The theme can be used on the cover, the title page, and throughout the book.

Plan out the pages of the book. Here is an example:

Page 1: Title Page

Pages 2-3: School Staff

Pages 4-13: Class portrait pages (Teachers’ and students’ portraits, with their names)

Pages 14-19: Clubs and projects (one page for each club or project)

Pages 20-25: Assorted photos from around the school

Page 26: Autographs You can have as many pages as you like using themes from all kinds of events.

The common page count is from 26-60 pages.

2 -  Fast

Have your whole team work at the same time. Import big batches of photos from your computer or Facebook and collect students profiles in minutes. 

3 - Flexible

Manage your book structure and adjust the number of pages, quantity and printing options anytime. Book your own delivery date and only pay for what you need. 

We can provide a yearbook with a reasonable amount of pages for a price that students and families are willing to pay. 

School Yearbook Online Design Print in Calgary 

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